Quiet & peace, amongst ancient trees and rare plants

Donna Coraly's park a precious jewel

A spectacular botanical garden.
A large park filled with plants, flowers and aromatic herbs where silence and relaxation reign supreme.

Many tropical specimens: palmaceous, succulent cactaceae, which cohabit with fruit trees, olive trees, citrus and decorative plants,

Like Jacarande and Bahuiniae Purpuree, interspersed with small pergolas of roses and jasmine that perfume the air.

Rare, intriguing plants such as "the hand of Buddha" and "the citrus caviar", are harmoniously planted near the Sicilian quince and the tropical mango and avocado, until you find the jujube, strawberry tree and pomegranate.

At the centre of the park stands an ancient carob tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean and in particular the south-east of Sicily, evoked by the poet Salvatore Quasimodo in a nostalgic poem on his land, when he says: "I forgot the sea, the grave / puffed shell from the Sicilian shepherds, / the chanting of wagons along the roads / where the carob tree trembles in the smoke of the stubble ... ". At its side, we find the commemorative stone in memory of the armistice that sanctioned the surrender of the Italians in 1943, testimony of a living history, of which this estate was the protagonist.
The garden intertwines between citrus and fruit trees to connect to the hortus conclusus, where many vegetables and aromatic plants are grown to offer the guests of the resort fresh organic products.

(Part of the text edited by Marcella Guidi - taken from Ville & Casali November 14th 2016 - Ed. Morelli)

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