The rebirth of an ancient Sicilian villa

A Country Boutique Hotel full of taste, style and elegance

Donna Coraly is a charming residence surrounded by orchards, olive groves and orange gardens.

In this beautiful estate you can breathe the history, the real one, the one made of dates, important men and choices that have changed the course of events: a moat, a watchtower, the memories of a distant armistice evoke its illustrious past that relives today in the uniqueness of a precious experience.

A patient and masterful restoration has restored the villa, enhancing the lush garden, the suites, the veranda and the restaurant in respect of the Sicilian traditions.

A restoration that has enhanced the original structure, favouring the choice of local quality materials with integrated architecture projects and green building interventions. In this prestigious dwelling, sustainability and attention to the environment blend with the history and elegance of time.

Over 6,000 square meters of parkland, swimming pool, vegetable garden, private parking, restaurant and relaxation area: spacious, bright and elegant rooms at the service of only five hotel suites.

High hospitality, attentive and discreet service are fundamental aspects guaranteed by the presence of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic hostess, Lucia Pascarelli, granddaughter of the noblewoman Coraly Sinatra Grande from which, this elegant Country Boutique Hotel takes its name.

The suites with private gardens have names of women: champions of Sicilian history or literature that embody the elegant and refined style of this luxurious Sicilian Relais.

The suites are elegant, spacious and bright, each with its own private garden and direct and private access to the botanical park and the swimming pool. Privacy and silence allow guests to regenerate, to enjoy all the beauties, comforts and services that Donna Coraly offers.

Donna Coraly is the ideal place for a holiday of elegance, hospitality and luxury in Sicily.


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Lorenzo Bovi

€ 20,00 EUR

Holiday 2021