A noble family, a home to many generations

Stories of cosmopolitan ladies, protagonists of their time

A noblewoman of the past inspires today's landlady, interpreter of exceptional hospitality.

The San Michele estate has for centuries been owned by the Grande family, to which belonged an enlightened woman, protagonist of the twentieth century socio-cultural life: Coraly Grande Sinatra, lover of art and travel and an active supporter of women's rights.

It is to Coraly Grande Sinatra, grandmother of the current landlady, that the hotels name pays tribute. An inspiration to her niece Lucia, who has recreated here the atmosphere and the charm of the past; her style and hospitality are inspired by her and her personality.

Tradition, refinement, good taste: rare experiences that have always lived here, at the Donna Coraly resort


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Lorenzo Bovi

€ 20,00 EUR

Holiday 2021